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Project Status Report

Getting progress updates on all your projects is never easy. That’s why we just released an Overall Project Status report. Managing multiple projects, priorities, and resources takes lots of planning and communication. This new report gives you access to the information you need instantly and includes a high level overview for project managers and executives.

Use the report filters as shown here to select all projects or to get the updates across specific projects. It’s fully customizable to fit the needs of your business.

project management app status

Once you set your filters and run the report, you’ll immediately see the status of each one of your projects. Along with the status update, it also includes when the project was last changed, the percent complete, when it’s due, and more. Quick stats are available for a snapshot of where everything stands as displayed in this example:

web project percent complete

To learn more about utilizing Projecturf with your team and the benefits of the new report, contact us for a demo here.

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