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New Email-in Feature for Your Project Management Tool!

If you are on the go, in your inbox, or simply choose to work from your email one day, use the new email-in feature to easily get tasks, files, and more into your project management tool. You just need to grab the project email address and follow a few commands to get started. The email address can be found in the Overview section on the settings tab.

Emailing into Projecturf with a unique project email address.

Once you this address, the rest is quite simple and here’s how to utilize the email-in feature:

  • For tasks, simply send the email to the project email address and type “task” or “tasks” in the subject. Type one or multiple tasks in the body of the email by hitting enter.
  • For conversations, type “conversation:” followed by the topic in the subject line. Type the email exactly how you want to see it and attach any files.
  • For notes, type “note:” or “notes:” in the subject line and add the title of the note after the colon. Then add your note, format it, and attach files.
  • For Files, type “file” or “files” in the subject line and then attach as many files as you’d like. Add comments to the body of the email that will be assigned as comments in Projecturf to the first file in the email attachment list.

Email notifications are sent out to the project members when creating a conversation via email. To learn more about how this works, visit the email-in feature in the knowledge base.

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