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The Importance of Project Communication

The Importance of Project Communication

Communication is a fickle thing that can stop a project in its tracks. There are thousands of articles touting the importance of keeping open lines of communication during projects, and for good reason. When you’re working on a team project everyone is bringing something to the table, and just like a dinner, if your hipster friend brings his best tofurkey recipe and your bearded meat-a-tarian buddy shows up with bacon wrapped bacon, there are going to be problems.

But the good news is that group collaborations have seen an influx of tools geared towards making the process easier, and by following a few seemingly basic guidelines, you too can have a successful and stress-free campaign. So put all of the cards on the table, grab a few more cliche metaphors, and get started in the right direction.

Map it out…

Knowing where you go before you get in the car is part of the whole routine, and it should be the same thing before starting out on a collaborative project. Map out where you want the endgame destination for the project to be, this will make sure you have a clear path to the final goal. Whatever you have to do to get on the same page before you set off, enables you to avoid stumbling blocks further down the road.

Roll with it…

When you add more people to the equation other than just your lone-brilliant self, there are going to be differences of opinion. Just like when you learned how to share in preschool (hopefully), you have to learn to compromise on the final vision. There are going to be disagreements no matter how closely-knit the group is, but the key is always to listen, see the bigger picture, and find how the multiple voices can be heard in unison.

Know your audience…

By first agreeing on the targeted demographic, your collective focus can move ahead with all cylinders kicking. Setting the focus on who will be listening to your message, will allow you to tailor the message for efficiency and the most bang for your buck. How are they going to receive the message? How do we best get our point across? Is this the right group to target? Once you answered those and a whole host of other poignant questions, you’ll be able to wrap the campaign with stylized marketing and pretty bows that will attract your intended audience.

Pick the right tools…

The use of project management tools allows you to keep a streamlined voice through the project, and keep everyone on task. Like every group project in school, there are going to be those who do more and those who do less. With the right tools, the more dedicated voices will be heard and hopefully, get the others back on board.

As the great Michael Scott once said, “Keep it simple, stupid”. The key to a great project is knowing when to compromise and when to stick to your guns, and the best way to know which is which, is by keeping the message clear, approachable, and easy to preach. No matter what industry you’re trying to reach, making sure that voices are heard and your audience is a primary focus, pulling together a team project hopefully won’t be the hardest hurdle to overcome.

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