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Happy Workplace Happy Life

It’s all fun and games around the workplace until someone screws up a deadline, or a miscommunication sets everything off track. While work might not be as fun as it is in The Office, we all try to make the best out of the close quarters and meetings that could have been taken care of with an email. However, dealing with a wide variety of egos, personalities, and agendas muddies the environment quicker than you think.

Talking to the whole group
Keeping everything professional with a balance of lighthearted fun and communicative collaboration helps deadlines get met with more smiles than feelings of dread. Here are a few ways to keep the office a place of enjoyable workflow and not mind-numbing dread.

Ebb & Flow

  • The varying aspects of business basically demand that we be flexible to nearly everything. From scheduling to pivoting our own pitches and ideas, to keeping the sanity of the workplace, we need to be able to bend.
  • Compromising doesn’t mean losing, it simply means altering course for the betterment of the team.


  • Jumping off from compromising, making sure other voices are heard is paramount. Collaboration is a key to a happy work environment and sometimes the best ideas come from employees who often feel their voice isn’t needed or wanted. These moments, where opinions are respected, can be crucial to campaigns.
  • Problems will always surface and if you facilitate spaces and times for these concerns to be heard, and more importantly listened to, the office ambiance will shed the weight of unwanted drama.


  • There is nothing that fuels good work more than appreciation. From pay raises and in-house promotions to silly bonuses and a simple “thank you”, demonstrating your employees’ value is key.
  • Take moments throughout the week to check in and show encouragement. Business is a team mentality and if your employees and co-workers feel that you are supporting them, life will be a whole lot easier around the water cooler.

Hire Happiness

  • When you’re putting together a mouthwatering dish, you always select ingredients that work well together. Sometimes they’re polar opposites, but play nicely together, and sometimes they’re damn near the same to highlight a certain style. The same is true in business. Strengthen your team with personalities, don’t divide it.
  • Just because you can hire someone doesn’t mean you should. This is a cute way of saying that sometimes personality trumps skill level. If you have a designer who has a golden resume but doesn’t have a nice thing to say about anyone, chances are you’ll be going through the replacing process sooner than you’d like. Get it right the first time.

Building the foundations of a happy workplace isn’t a rigid set of rules to follow. Every office is different, filled with varying purposes, directions, and personalities. The basic thing to remember is to make the workplace work with you not against you. Create a place you want to be, that will fuel your ideas and direction, and reflect the mission you’ve worked so hard to bring to life.

Checking in a with a coworker


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