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Welcoming a New Member to the Team

Welcoming a New Member to the Team

Onboarding, transitioning, and the dreaded “ice breakers” strike fear in the hearts of both new hires as well as employers. From the moment the contract is signed, HR begins paving the way for a pile of forms, team building techniques, and more names for the new hire to remember than is humanly possible.

Here are a few ways to make the evolution of the company a little less sticky, and a whole lot easier on all parties.

Pair them up

  • Get them involved with another team member who is outgoing and has a personality that fits. Attempt to pair with someone close in seniority or power. You want your new hire to be a part of a larger team, not feeling like the low one on the totem pole.
  • Giving them a mentor or a buddy gives your new employee easy access to answers you may not have thought they needed. This will bolster both the morale of the mentor, but also allow you to focus on daily operations rather than solely on the transition.

Bringing on a new hire and collaborating

Put the word out

  • Make sure all of the other teams that have interaction with your newbie know about the onboarding. This prevents miscommunication and unrealistic expectations from affecting the workflow.
  • Keeping everyone on the same page means that the “team” atmosphere is fueled by inclusion in the process, and allows more opportunities for employee bonding and natural integration.

Update everything!

  • There’s nothing worse than needing to contact someone immediately and finding the communication chain broken because of outdated info. When the new hire comes on, take the time to make sure all forms and contact information are correct, that way everyone from the IT to the HR teams can interact right off the bat.
  • A new hire is the perfect excuse to go through files and make sure all employee info is current. This is also a sneaky way of creating ice-breaking moments and interaction between the whole team.

Update data for new hires

Review and learn

  • Whether this is your third hire or your thirtieth, you can always learn something from the process. Your company is a living breathing entity that changes with each addition. Connect with the mentor, team members, and new hire to review the process and see what can, or needs to be changed.
  • Keep a running form that highlights the pitfalls and successes of each new employee transition, and see where the process can be streamlined, or where your strengths lie.

By creating an active process for onboarding a new hire, you get the whole team involved and continue to build your office morale. No matter what area of business you’re in, the process is always a tricky one, but by being flexible and understanding, weaving them into your brand strengthens and deepens your reach and influence.

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