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Stop Collaborating and Listen

Collaborating isn’t just about dropping a sick 90’s rap beat that sounds nearly identical to a famous Queen song, it’s about forming the best approach possible for the company to grow through shared projects and visions. As the gears of a new campaign start spinning, getting the action in motion, we usually find ourselves communication across departments in order to stay on the same page. The only way to cover all of the bases is to communicate efficiently and thoroughly with all of the parties involved. But how do we keep the collaborating team working towards the same goal and moving in the right direction? We’re glad you asked.

Working together to achieve the same goal.


No great project is ever built using the wrong tools. We all know that uncle who can build anything with only a screwdriver and a hammer, but for the rest of us, our belts need to be filled with the right tools for the job. Project management tools like Slack and Projecturf allow an easy and manageable flow of communication between teams in or out of the office. By putting all conversations, files, and notes in one spot, the collaboration can move efficiently with easy reference to current and past topics of discussion.

Hurdles to avoid

Everyone loves their tried-and-true methods of working. When you’re working cross-platforms, the change to these habits or work rituals can be nervewracking. On the flipside, these new ideas and insights can help you add more ammunition to your arsenal and better prepare you for the next team project.

The best way to kick off a joint venture is to make sure everyone knows their role and what’s expected of them. Rather than reliving every high school group project you ever worked on, this time define what needs to be done, when it needs to be done by, and who needs to do it. Starting out with clear waters rather than a muddy guessing game will save more time and effort that you can imagine. Couple this with the project management tools and collaborating just got a whole lot easier.

Listening to new ideas can help you further you own success.

Know the goal

Distraction from problems, unclear visions, and changing paths can easily put the project on an unexpected detour. Keeping your eyes on the prize and everyone moving towards the same goal, through pivots and adaptations to alterations along the way is a must. Daily or weekly briefs on campaigns from tools like Projecturf and quick check-ins over office communication apps like Slack are your best bets for consistency throughout the collaboration.

Don’t forget your parachute pants, frost your tips, and check your pager before you start collaborating. It’s dangerous to go alone. Take this guide.

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