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Marketing to the masses

The digital landscape changes with every breath, adding pitfalls and nuances to the way we market to the masses. Creating a marketing plan for every proposal, campaign, and pivot means having to stay up with latest trends and insights.

Tailoring a balanced approach demands knowing what to look out for, what to avoid, and what you need to focus on throughout the entire process.

Forge a strategy that makes sense throughout the entire campaign.

What you need to know

The first thing is to define your audience. Who do you want to target? Why? What’s the most effective way to let your brand or campaign engage them? Once you have your eye on the prize, it’ll be easier to identify a strategy for using digital to your advantage.

Let the A/B testing, data-driven insights, and strategies begin.

Building a channel-encompassing strategy that works across social platforms, fueled by the target audience info means you can layer in high-level objectives, SEO content, analytics, and everyone’s favorite, deliverable calendars. Enter in technology to make your life easier and more streamlined.

Crafting a successful campaign means knowing the objective and having the right tools to reach it. The social media management tool Later is a great example of killing several birds with one stone. Instead of attacking on one front, apps like Later make it easy to bring the assault across all platforms at once, driving engagement while providing key analytics for pivoting.

Market with passion and strategy.

What you need to avoid

The old saying, “to assume makes an ass out of you and me” fits perfectly here. Build your team knowing what people are capable of, not hoping they can handle it without being babysat. Moving forward with the assumption that your theorized target audience will respond without doing the in-depth research will sink your strategy from the beginning. Just like an after-school special, it’s better to know before you go.

Don’t limit yourself to one style of approach. Make sure that everything you do is founded on consumer information and a team that is all on the same page.

Understanding the scope of what you can do versus what the client expects should always be in the forefront. Create realistic expectations and be clear about the deliverables.

Make marketing easy by prepping beforehand. Assemble your great team of marketing avengers, choose your weapons, and know the battleground before you set off on conquering the marketing world.

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