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Meet the ultimate project management solution

All the features your business needs

  • Who's doing what

    Who's doing what

    Every activity in Projecturf is captured and recorded in Overview. You can filter by activity, people, or dates.

  • Track progress

    Track progress

    Projecturf will automatically track progress on your project based on tasks, so you’ll always know where things stand.

  • Filter through it all

    Filter through it all

    Overview keeps track of your project and activity history. We’ve organized it to allow quick filtering to find stuff fast.

  • Made for speed`

    Made for speed

    Getting stuff into Projecturf has never been faster. Set the options just once, and then type away! Deal with all the details later.

  • Nested subtasks

    Nested subtasks

    Subtasks can be used to better organize tasks and are seen in both list view as well as the Gantt chart.

  • Chit chat

    Chit chat

    Tasks (Tickets and Files) have comments attached to them, so you can discuss important things!

  • Drag and drop

    Drag and drop

    Attaching files to a conversation is as easy as dragging them from your computer and dropping them in the conversation.

  • Feels familiar

    Feel familiar

    Conversations are similar to email. There’s nothing to re-learn. You’ll instantly feel at home, so you can get right to work.

  • Reply via email

    Reply via email

    Replies to conversations are sent to everyone immediately via email. You can reply from any device.

Manage projects, tasks, and people with ease

Use Projecturf to reduce business chaos, recapture lost man-hours, and gain critical business insights. Projecturf is the ultimate project management software for companies and teams. Get started now!

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