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Sync all your Google contacts and their details with Projecturf.


Every Projecturf user can sync all of their Google contacts into Projecturf. To add all you Google contacts into Projecturf, simply go to the Account > Integration section and allow Projecturf to access your contacts as shown here.

Once you’ve synced your contacts, everyone from your Google contacts will appear in your Contacts section within Projecturf and will include all of their contact details. From there you can easily add them to projects when needed.

You may also use your Projecturf account with G Suite Marketplace. To connect Projecturf to Google, click here.

Once you agree to the Google Marketplace terms, Projecturf will be installed and accessible with your other apps. Another benefit is that everyone on your team can also add Projecturf to their list of Google Apps and access it anytime with just one click.

Google contacts integration with Projecturf


For more detailed information, please read our support documentation.

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