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Slack + Projecturf

Post updates to a Slack channel when there are changes in your Projecturf workspace.


Manage projects, tasks, and people with Projecturf.

Projecturf is the ultimate project management solution. Businesses worldwide use Projecturf to organize project teams, manage tasks and assignments, communicate daily, and get valuable business insights.

When teams use Projecturf to manage projects and tasks, everyone is on the same page, communicating in real-time, and driving real results. The Projecturf and Slack integration allows you to create new tasks in Projecturf through your Slack account. You can use the slash command of /pt to list project info and create, assign, flag, mark private, assign start and due dates, and add notes to tasks in Projecturf, directly from your Slack account.

If you need help, type /pt help or /pt for a list of available commands.

The following commands are allowed:

  • Show project info: /pt status
  • Link a project to this Slack channel: /pt linkp <name> Example: /pt linkp "My Project"
  • Add a task to a project: /pt task <task> [<users>] [-p] [-f] [-s <start_date>] [-d <due_date>] [-n <note>] Example: /pt task "My Task" Example: /pt task "My Task" "@bill @sally" -d 6/12/2017 -n "My Note"
  • Options:
    • p means "private" and can only be seen by the users assigned to the task
    • f means "flagged" or important
    • s means "start date" of the task
    • d means "due date" of the task
    • n means "note" added to the task
Slack integration with Projecturf


For more detailed information, please read our support documentation.

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To learn more about connecting Projecturf and Slack visit the Slack app page.

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Manage projects, tasks, and people with ease

Use Projecturf to reduce business chaos, recapture lost man-hours, and gain critical business insights. Projecturf is the ultimate project management software for companies and teams. Get started now!

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