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Task Management Software

Manage tasks and subtasks with ease

Use Projecturf to create tasks, assign responsibilities, track progress, and collaborate with teams. Our task management software will help you run your team like a pro.

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Task management software - Projecturf

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Task management software

Task management is an important part of any project. Using Projecturf for your project management application allows you to assign and track tasks across multiple projects and people in a simplified way. Getting information into your project management software should never be a complex or tedious process. The entire philosophy around Projecturf revolves around speed and simplicity. By just typing and hitting enter, you can enter tons of tasks into your online project management system in a snap!

Collaboration baked in

Projecturf fosters open communication and instant notifications. Each task and subtasks has it's own discussion thread, organized in the sidebar, keeping all communication for that task in one place. You can reply via email no matter where you are and conversations are stored for future reference.

Collaboration features built in
Permissions & privacy

Permissions & privacy

At the heart of Projecturf is multiple layers of permissions. Not only can you control permissions for each project independently, but you also have control for each task. Control access by marking tasks and subtasks as private with a click of a button. Assign tasks to multiple people or an individual so that reporting is accurate. Regardless of your workflow, our permissions and privacy settings have you covered.

Track time and budgets

Each task allows you to track time and budgets. Simply provide estimates and use Projecturf to track actuals both the task and project level. Log billable time directly from the built-in timer so that you and your team always stay on schedule and on budget.

Track time and budgets
Completion notifications

Completion notifications

Project managers need to understand when tasks are completed and any comments that go along with them. In Projecturf, you can use the completion notification feature to allow team members to instantly alert project managers when tasks are marked complete.

Workflow optimized to help you get more done

Our task management software offers tons of important features to improve your workflow, communication, and efficiency.

  • Gantt charts

    Gantt charts

    View tasks and subtasks using our Gantt chart and make quick updates inline with simple drag and drop. Global Gantt charts are available across all projects with options to drill down to a single project.

  • Calendar view

    Calendar view

    Tasks can also be viewed on a calendar, where they are shown on the date they are due. Mark tasks complete, drag to a different day, or quickly update the task details easily.

  • Drag and drop

    Drag and drop

    Drag and drop tasks in any order you’d like. Simply change the sort order to manual to organize tasks by dragging and dropping them.

  • Attachments


    You can upload and attach files or images to each task. These reside in the sidebar and are always kept with their individual tasks or subtasks. You can also find them in the files section under attachments.

  • Notes


    Each task has its own notes that are associated with it. Notes are located in the sidebar and can be useful for further explanations and details.

  • Audit history

    Audit history

    Projecturf has a full audit history of everything that has happened on each task from its creation. We log who does what and when.

  • Quick entry

    Quick entry

    Get things out of your head and into Projecturf as quickly as possible. Our quick entry lets you type, enter, and repeat. You can deal with all the details later using the sidebar.

  • Shortcuts


    Use shortcuts to make your life easier. Shortcuts includes adding due dates, assigning tasks to specific people, marking tasks as high priority, and much more.

  • Reporting


    Projecturf has built in task reporting to quickly compare actuals to budgets for each task across all projects. Easily view the percent complete, total hours, and total cost spent on project tasks. New tasks status report to view how far along the tasks are on your projects.

Don't just take our word for it

Our customers love Projecturf! Dollar for dollar, there's no better investment you can make in running your business more effectively.

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  •  We have built a national company on this technology so our experience is very positive. Our company infrastructure is based on low TCO, scalable, intuitive solutions and Projecturf is a key piece of this environment.
    Stephen Boane, CEO, Traemand

  •  We were looking for a Project Managment Program for months and all of them didn’t work very well. Some of them were really complex, other the interface was just horrible….. when we start our Trial Version with Projecturf in less than 8 hours we had already subscribed to their services. Amazing!!!! 5 stars!!!!
    Marcelo Scharan, Mix Media Group


  •  Our manager loves it; they don’t worry about losing ‘time’ anymore; and our sales reps love being able to update clients on progress and use report information to estimate production load on our teams before agreeing to hard deadlines.
    Sarin Shah, Director, Persource


Manage projects, tasks, and people with ease

Use Projecturf to reduce business chaos, recapture lost man-hours, and gain critical business insights. Projecturf is the ultimate project management software for companies and teams. Get started now!

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