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Time Tracking

Time and expense tracking

Projecturf functions as both a project management app and an expense and time tracking tool by offering streamlined time tracking and budgeting.

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Time and expense tracking - Projecturf

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Track time and expenses effectively

Each project has it’s own set of sections for managing a project. The Time section allows users to track their time, record expenses, and compare actuals vs. budgets. Having project and task level budgeting let’s you see the big picture while also keeping all the important details organized just the way you need it.

  • Built-in time tracking

    One click start, stop, pause, and record time tracking. With time tracking that’s built-in to your project management app, recording and adding time to a project is completely seamless.

  • Project budgets

    Easily set project budgets and track spending against your budgets. Know where your projects stand at all times and the percent complete in terms of hours and dollars spent.

  • Fixed expenses

    Track any and all expenses right in Projecturf. It was designed to include all expenses related to each project such as billable and non-billable hours, fixed expenses, and task related expenses.

  • Task budgets

    Simply click on any task to set a budget for the task. Once users record time against a task, you will see the comparison of the task actuals vs. the task budget.

  • Billable Expenses

    Keep track of all hours spent on projects, including both billable and non-billable hours. View the hourly rate, time spent, and total cost of each entry. Add notes to entries and view the history any time.

  • Track payments

    Since all project expenses and hours are recorded right in Projecturf, it’s easy to track paid items. As soon as an expense is paid, simply check it off!

  • Budget reports

    When using Projecturf you get both quick stats and simple reports. View budgets by person, by project, or both. New task level budgeting reports for all projects that are customized to your needs.

  • Global timecards

    Easily enter time and expenses to any project from one location. Using the Global Time section makes working on multiple projects a breeze.

  • Special permissions

    Projecturf has built-in permissions to ensure only project managers have access to view or change sensitive information. Permissions are set at the project level for full control over system data.

Don't just take our word for it

Our customers love Projecturf! Dollar for dollar, there's no better investment you can make in running your business more effectively.

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  •  We were looking for a Project Managment Program for months and all of them didn’t work very well. Some of them were really complex, other the interface was just horrible….. when we start our Trial Version with Projecturf in less than 8 hours we had already subscribed to their services. Amazing!!!! 5 stars!!!!
    Marcelo Scharan, Mix Media Group


  •  We are currently using Projecturf and have used it on many teams and organizations before. It’s a great tool to manage projects, tasks, work flows and for reporting on progress. We use the reporting and charting to see how we are progressing. We use it to manage complex marketing and operation work flows. Its simple, easy design allows for adoption quickly by the team and the alerts are incredibly helpful!
    Rob P., VP of Marketing, SWELL

  •  When it comes to project management, you need a software tool that can track all the various discussions, tickets, files and details of a project without getting stuck in your inbox. Projecturf helps us with our daily operations and management of the projects that generate our business revenue. It also helps us look professional to our client base with a sophisticated tool that manages it all. Truly a product worth checking out.
    Rob Ragusa, Director, Digital Ink Technologies


Manage projects, tasks, and people with ease

Use Projecturf to reduce business chaos, recapture lost man-hours, and gain critical business insights. Projecturf is the ultimate project management software for companies and teams. Get started now!

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